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Our Mission:
Connecting people to the land and each other through educational farm tours and providing farmers with income diversity through agritourism.


"Studies show that 75% of Americans haven’t visited a farm in the last five years. The more removed people are from a place, product, or practice the more stories turn from reality to folklore. People are so hungry to know where their food comes from that they often fall for folklore. It’s hard to understand or trust what you don’t know, and without trust comes fear. This disconnect creates a need for quick-fix stories to make people feel good about food. Examples include the labeling hormone-free, gluten-free, antibiotic free, non-GMO, on items that don’t contain these ingredients to begin with. Yet, 54% of consumers are looking for these statements about the absence of certain ingredients."

- Successful Farming Magazine

Heartland Tours are for people who want to visit farms, learn more about the agriculture industry, who want to speak to farmers, learn where their food comes from, and how their food is grown.


Growing up with a love for agriculture, James and Taylor McCann both knew they wanted careers connected to the land. 


Taylor studied agriculture communications at LSU which led her to start Heartland Productions, an agricultural videography business. It was working as the Louisiana Grazing Lands Coalition's videographer and executive director that she had the idea to start Heartland Tours. "Many farmers and ranchers want to do tourism on their operations but don't have personnel or time to run a separate agritourism business for their farm. That's why we created Heartland Tours to bring people to their farm and create an additional source of income for farmers and ranchers, as well as educate the everyday person about agriculture." Taylor says. 

James earned his undergraduate degree in agriculture business in 2018 from Louisiana State University. After graduation he thru-hiked the Applanation Trail, worked on a ranch in Colorado, and eventually returned to Louisiana to earn his masters degree from LSU in agriculture economics. He now works as the Natural Resources Conservation Service's State Agricultural Economist in Alexandria, LA. His knowledge and expertise in numbers serve both farmers and guests in showing the importance agriculture has in the economy.

James and Taylor got married in October 2021 and are excited to share these tours as well as their original music with others.


Photo by Clay Stone Photography 

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